The Loupe Podcast

Hail Mary ISR Finale

March 02, 2021 Hosts: Morgan Martin, MD; Sanam Zahedi, MD; Brian Bassiri, MD; Casey Sheck, DO; Production: Greta Davis; Visual Edit: Zain Aryanpour; Music: Alec Fisher, MD Season 1 Episode 30
The Loupe Podcast
Hail Mary ISR Finale
Show Notes

This episode is a mega finale for Season 1, the In-Service Review series: HAIL MARY!

ISR30 is a HIGH YIELD review of literally the entire test, every subject for the past 5 years.
This only includes the bare bones, strictly need to memorize information.

Every Core Host joins us to cover their favorite topics including  Dr. Morgan Martin @morganmartinmd, Dr. Sanam Zahedi @doctorzahedi,  Dr. Casey Sheck @dr.caseygenesheck, and Dr. Brian Bassiri-Tehrani @doctor_bbt.

Production, design, and editing by our Co-Founder Greta Davis @greta_davis 

Visual supplement editing: Zain Aryanpour 

Music was produced by Alec Fisher, MD @alechfishermd

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