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RTR Motherhood in Plastic Surgery

March 13, 2021 Host: Dr. Morgan Martin; Guests: Dr. Gabriella Garcia Nores, Dr. Chelsea Wallace, Dr. Aparna Vijayasekaran; Dr. Rebecca Zaluzec; Production: Greta Davis; Music: Alec Fisher, MD Season 2 Episode 31
The Loupe Podcast
RTR Motherhood in Plastic Surgery
Show Notes

This episode will continue Season 2, Round Table Review! Here we discuss all the challenges of being a surgeon mother- Childcare, financial burden, operating while pregnant, maternity leave logistics, long distance parenting as a trainee... the list goes on!
We also discuss the current personal leave policy for trainees as per the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
What challenges have you faced as a mother? What would you like to change to facilitate motherhood as a surgeon or trainee?

Your Host for this episode is Dr. Morgan Martin @morganmartinmd

Guests include:
Dr. Gabriella Garcia Nores @gabrielaganor
Dr. Chelsea Wallace @dr.chelseawallace
Dr. Aparna Vijayasekaran @dr.aparna_vijayasekaran
Dr. Rebekah Zaluzec @girl_plasticsurgeon

Production, design, and editing by our Co-Founder Greta Davis @greta_davis 

Music was produced by Alec Fisher, MD @alechfishermd

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